Renaissance-Pere Marquette
817 Common St
New Orleans, LA 70112-2307

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I checked into this hotel on 7/15/11 and got bites from husband checked in on the following day and he also got several bites and i got more. We made a report to hotel mgmt. They changed our room and pit us into a beautiful suite. Sent me to a doctor and stated they would reimburse my cost. I went to the doctor they suggested...the doctor said i had bed bug bites and treated me with a cream for scabies as well as a antibiotic. I went back to the new suite...put the cream in our hair

, scalp and all over our bodies...had to leave it on for 24 hours and wash it off...we had a cruise planned out of New this point we cancelled not wanting to possibly infect the ship! My husband left the hotel at 2am to head back to work since we weren't going to go on our cruise...i woke up later that morning, had bites! I then decided to go to another doctor. I explained to them that i had bugs of some sort and that i have been to a doctor the day before, they brought me straight to a room, not wanting me in the lobby. They diagnosed me with bed bugs and prescribe me two more meds. I go back to hotel contact mgmt. Give them copies of all of my paperwork. They say that their company found no bugs...and completely change their tune! This is on my check out day. They proceed to tell me that i have to be out of the hotel by 1pm, it's was 12:45am at that time, i explained to them that i needed six hours to do the new treatment i had just gotten from the second doctor and that i had no place to do that. They were rude as well as unaccompdating and made me leave. Since then i have received a call from the second doctor that i saw stating that i was seen I'n there office, that the room i was I'n had been isolated since my visit, a pest control company was then called in and that they have found and documented bed bugs in that same room! I have since traveled home to another state with my three children and all of the luggage from the hotel I'n the SUV with us...needless to say terminex scheduled for tomorrow, Orkin scheduled for Friday and we are all scheduled to see yet another doctor tomorrow!! How can they deniy this? The doctor said they have to have a lot of them! I would have never expected this from such a nice place! i am out of a lot of $ over this and hope they do the right thing and also hope that this doesn't happen again because of their lack of attention to this issue!

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