Queen and Crescent Hotel
344 Camp St
New Orleans, LA

Found 6 reports:

Stayed here 1/31/14 - 2/4/14. Room 617 (not the main building) has bedbugs!!!!! Luckily we noticed them before falling asleep - found 5-6 bedbugs in ten minutes, it was absolutely disgusting. We got moved to another room (717) which appeared to be bedbug-free. REALLY hope I didn't bring any home with me. So disgusting, and they only refunded half of a night's stay. DON'T STAY HERE!!!!!!

I stayed at the Q&C 12-5 to 12-6-13, and killed three bed bugs in my bed! I took photos and even took the dead bugs down to the front desk and the manager was still rude about it and insisted "they" didn't find anything. Two out of three of my lights didn't work, my TV remote batteries were dead and my toilet leaked. This hotel maybe historic but it is not clean and I was appalled at how the manager acted despite all of the hard core evidence I have him. I do not recommend staying here and I

will be calling the health department.

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Ms. Carleta, Yes, you did call the health dept, and as you are aware they completely cleared the room and hotel. I did not lie to you when I said there was no sign of bedbugs in that room, and the report from the health dept confirmed that. I also did not lie when I said our exterminator examined the room and found nothing. I have the documents from both for supporting evidence.

I stayed here from July 6-9 2012 and my roommate and I were biten by bed bugs. Called the hotel to report it. Lennell lied and said she had an exterminator come out and they didnt find anything. Very rude and nasty. tried to justify the other reports. Told me they were at the other building and not the one I stayed in. Told me her hands were tied and there was nothing she could do. She hung up on me. So I called the New Orleans Health Dept. Waiting for the call back to confirm. I thought they we

re misquito bites at first but the turned into blisters. Doc confirmed. The grossest thing I have ever encountered!

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I stayed at this hotel from 6/22/12 to 6/24/12. My friends and I discovered a bed bug on one of the beds within an hour of checking in. We went to check the mattress only to find the mattress cover was zip tied shut. I asked to move to another room. The hotel complied and moved me into the other building. I'm not sure what precautions were taken by the hotel after that but the staff didn't seem that concerned although there wasn't any problem with my switching rooms.

I stayed here from Nov 9-14. I was pretty sure I had bed bug bites, and doc confirmed.