Holiday Inn New Orleans French Qtr
124 Royal St
New Orleans, LA 70130-2326

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I'd arrived on March 23. I was given room 1815. I'd laid down for about 10 minutes after I got into the room. I went to the bathroom and by the time I got back, there was a bedbug on my pillow. I'd already gone through about a 2 year long fiasco with these little bastards, so I know what I'm looking at. The manager was very apologetic and put me up in another room (1616). There were no apparent bedbugs, but I'd woken up with a few minor bites over the course of the next couple of days. On

the last day of my trip, I did some serious investigating and found bedbug spoor all over the mattress cover and inside the drawers. Avoid this hotel at all costs. I'm pretty sure that it's infested.

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We stayed at the Holiday Inn Royal St. from 2/26/11 through 3/1/11.
I always check for bugs as soon as I get into a room, anywhere we stay. I was weary after we already made reservations I looked at this site.
The room was very nice and clean no bugs whatsoever.
I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

We checked in to room 903 on Thursday of last week. The very next morning my wife awoke with multiple (twenty to thirty or more) bite marks on her forearms. Thinking it was merely a skin reaction to their laundry detergent, we did not do anything about it. Each night we stayed, the bites got worse. Finally, on the last night we were there (10/27/10) I thought to research bed bugs. When we returned to the room, I searched for and found two live bugs in the sheets - with multiple small excrem

ent marks in the bed. We notified the staff and were transferred to another room. That morning we spoke with the manager who comped the last night stay, and stated she has already called an exterminator to do further research. We bagged all of our clothes and items, and are now home..... having to now go through the thorough decon procedure at home so we do not infect our own home. This has been the most horrific hotel stay we have ever had, and it has continued to put a negative feel over our entire vacation. I would type more, but I'm off to the laundry mat to dry our clothes and bags........ :(

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We checked into the hotel on Thursday, August 28, 2008 after 9 PM.

My daughter first noticed 3 bugs (some type of roach) gathered in the corner near the top of the ceiling. I stood on top of the bed to try to smash them with a shoe but I was not tall enough and could not reach them. Then she started screaming that one was on the floor. I immediately stepped on it.

We were hungry, so we had brought some Popeye's chicken with us. You can't go to New Orleans and not get some Popeye's, right.

Well the chicken was sitting on the desk in the room. Those bugs must have been hungry. I just happened to be going past the desk and I saw a few bugs crawling on the wall behind the desk, they were trying to get to that chicken. Eventually, I put the chicken in the chair at the desk and moved the chair every so often to keep the roaches at bay.

After bathing, I pulled the cover on the bed back for my daughter to get in bed, and guess what you guessed it. A bug was under the cover, crawling happily.

I slept with one eye open all night. Never again....

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