Holiday Inn Chateau Le Moyne Hotel
301 Dauphine St
New Orleans, LA 70112

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On May 13, 2010 my family spent the weekend at the Holiday Inn Chateau Le Moyne. It was the only place we stayed. When we returned home, our suitcases were stored in my child's room as he has the largest closet. He ubsequently broke out with horrible welts all over his body. We thought he was having an allergic reaction until I saw one of the bugs and contacted an exterminator who reported his room was infected. We spent hundreds of dollars to get rid of the bed bugs after many hours of pre

paration prior to the extermination.

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In May of 2010, we stayed at the Chateau Le Moyne in New Orleans. A number of us (about 10) stayed in this hotel, most of us without incident. Two of my friends, however, were put in a room that was severely infested. They were completely unaware of the infestation, but by about day 3, one of them woke up with a swollen eye. We then realized she had an extraordinary number of bites on her arms. We realized that she may have bed bugs and gave her bed a close look. We immediately noticed that the

bed was peppered with not only an incredible amount of bed bugs but also their feces, which look like small black flecks. We came to realize that her eye had been swollen because some of the bed bugs' feces had somehow gotten in her eye in her sleep.

We immediately contacted the front desk, where the attendant was shockingly cavalier. They initially told us they'd have a manager call us in the morning, but, naturally, we demanded that the room be changed and money refunded. After hours of standing our ground, they let my friends move to another room.

Out of fear of bringing the parasites back home with us, we threw many things away and had to take very tedious and burdensome precautionary measures upon returning.

It was an otherwise lovely hotel . . .

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