Courtyard New Orleans Convention Center
300 Julia St
New Orleans, LA 70130-3604

Found 2 reports:

I was there for a conference in March, 2011 and had gotten bed bug bites all over my body! Room 428. No acknowledgement from the hotel, not even an apology.

5/19/10 Room #535 - At 2:00AM I woke to use the bathroom. Upon my return to bed, I noticed bugs crawling all over my pillows. They were oval in shape and the ones I killed in a tissue were full of blood. There were also bugs in the other bed.

After I changed my room at 3:00 am, the hotel sent me a bag of pretzels, some nutri-bars and an OJ. WOW, what a perk. Spent the rest of the night feeling itchy and awake.

Then the Hotel GM left me a voicemail wanting to talk to me. I left my business

card and cell # at the desk for him to call me since I was working at the Convention Center and could not talk to him at the hotel.

No call, no acknowledgement, nothing off the bill.

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