Comfort Suites
420 Riverboat Row
Newport, KY 41071-4556

Found 2 reports:

Stayed at this hotel the week of May 7th, 2012 (3rd floor) and saw no evidence of bed bugs.

Given the previous reports, I was very concerned about bed bugs but decided to stay there because of the price and location. While my family waited in the lobby, I scoured the room with a flashlight, looking for any tell tale signs of an infestation.

I didn't see anything and we had no issues during our 3-night stay.

October 14-15th, 2011

I stayed at the hotel for one night. I went prepared, with gloves, a flashlight, and everything packed in sealed plastic bags. I thoroughly checked the bed and room for any signs of bed bugs (this included stripping the bed, taking the matress off, checking the box springs, the headboard, drawers, floor, etc.). There were no signs of bed bugs. I still took the extra precautions of washing everything immediately when returning home and putting my duffle bag in the dry

er on high heat.
I have NOT had any bed bugs or signs of them, so my experience was good.

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