Quality Inn Northwest
750 Newtown Ct
Lexington, KY 40511-1252

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Stayed on 10/23/2010, checked out on 10/24/2010. Have been paranoid about bed bugs since their popularity. About 24 hours after returning home, I began to itch. I noticed some bite marks on my ankle, leg, and welts on my hip. I went to the physician and he confirmed my suspicions and gave me a cream to put on them. When I got home later that day, they were along the right side of my body and worse than 5 hours earlier. I had called my physician and he gave me an steroid which helped them g

o away. Still extremely paranoid that they hitched a ride with me. I have since thrown out the duffel bag i took with me. MY friend traveling with me did not get them (that punk, misery loves company).

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