Embassy Suites-Lexington
1801 Newtown Pike
Lexington, KY 40511-1329
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I was a vendor for a trade show that was being put on at the Embassy Suites from October 30th-November 1st. I had a table set up in the lobby/lounge area next to the fountains during that time. An hour before the show ended on the 1st, I looked down and saw a bed bug walking across my display table. I instantly killed it, and no blood came out, so I don't think it had a chance to feast on me yet.

I was actually staying at another hotel in the area that I've never had any bed bug problems w

ith, but it never occurred to me to check out the hotel where the trade show was ahead of time. Too bad, for as soon as I saw the bug I looked it up and there were four listings over the last year.

I suppose it's possible that the bed bug could've hitched a ride from my other hotel, but I am fastidious in checking out a room before I stay there (under the mattress pad, behind the head board, under the couch cushions, etc...) and I had no signs of trouble at my hotel, nor did I ever notice a bite over my stay.

My guess is that this bed bug fell off of someone at the show who was staying at the hotel as well, as there were a lot of attendees that did this. It's also possible, I suppose, that the bug could've fallen off a dirty laundry cart into the lobby, as the open air nature of the hotel meant that I could see all of the hotel workers pushing their maintenance and laundry carts around the outer perimeter of the hotel all day long. It's not inconceivable that one or two could've gotten dislodged and fell down into the trade show area.

Either way, it's a pain in the butt having to disinfect all of my trade show materials.

I brought it to the front desk's attention, and was told repeatedly that the booth aprons and table cloths weren't owned by the hotel, so there wasn't a whole lot they could do. I honestly wasn't looking for them to do anything, I just wanted to let them know that I just found a bed bug in their hotel, but he seemed more intent on assuring me that it didn't come from his hotel.

It's a moot point, as they are there now. Beware...

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Was here for convention in early september, 2011. I came home with large welts on my lower back/upper thigh in a line. I slept on the pullout couch in our room on the 2nd floor. I recall seeing something in my bed when I woke up and was making the beg but didn't think twice about it until the welts started to swell.

April 22 - 24, 2011

My family and I stayed in this hotel in April and had a horrible experience with bed bugs. The management at the hotel was very good and immediately moved us to another room that they assured us their housekeeping staff had checked out thoroughly. Unfortunately when we got to that room, my husband and I looked behind the headboard and there were blood stains along the back of the headboard and on the wallpaper. They moved us to yet another room after many apologies and wh

en we checked behind the headboard in that room, the wall paper had been pulled off. My impression was that this hotel had a significant problem -- just my opinion. The hotel paid to replace our luggage and to clean all of our clothes but it was still such a nightmare. I would really rather stay home and not risk bringing these things into my house.

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We have stayed at this hotel about six times and have always been happy with them. But this time my husband and 3 kids stayed one night no problems until we woke up my husband noticed he had about seven bug bites on his leg, nobody else did and we don't know for sure if it was bedbugs or not but it's just kind of strange. I hate it because we have always loved Embassy Suites.

While on a bussiness trip, i stayed at the embassy suites in lexington,ky, after a long day i arrived back at the hotel around 12:45am. i went into the bedroom and when i pulled back the cover on the bed there was a bug.I ran and got a cup after the bug was in the cup I looked it up on the internet and it was a (BEDBUG)i called the front desk,they sent someone up i gave thenm the bug they moved me to another room,and said there was nothing more they could do because it was night.I left the hotel

and went to the store to buy something to spray the room.it was after 2am when i arrived back to the hotel,i sprayed the new room and then i had to stay out the room for two hours so when i went to bed it was about 5:30am and i had to be up at 8am someone from mgt called while i was out,however they were gone when i returned back to the hotel,when i asked about how they were going to clen my clothes that were in the room they said they didnt know how that would be taken care of ,i went on the internet again and followed the directions on how to clen my items,with no help from the hotel four star hotel at that....when i did speak with someone from the hotel that said that they checked the room and didnt find anything. yet i had given them the bug that was on the bed, this hotel cost 189.00 a night.

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