Comfort Inn Lexington
2381 Buena Vista Rd
Lexington, KY 40505

Found 2 reports:

I was ate up by bed bugs there on 8-12-12 and will never stay there again..

My husband and his soccer team stayed at this comfort in on 7/28/2012 as they were playing in a local tournament. During the night, bed bugs were found in one of the rooms, 212. This caused a middle of the night search of the remaining players room. Bed bugs were also found in another player room, 239. The player that was in that room was found with bed bugs on his body with no less than 40 bugs on his pillow when he turned it over. Bugs were then found in the drawers and crawling on the upholst

ered chairs. They were found in all sizes ranging from tick size to small crawling specks. Spent the remaining night drying clothes and purchasing new ones at 5:00 in the morning. HORRIBLE experience!

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