Courtyard Cincinnati Covington
500 W 3rd St
Covington, KY 41011-1202

Found 2 reports:

Two red bites about 1/2" in diameter on shoulder. No real obvious bite location, almost looked like small blisters. Happened on 6/23/12. Couldn't find bugs, but saw what looked like ants in the room. Eighth floor, can't remember room number

I stayed 2 nights in room 821 at this hotel: checked in 10/3/2011 and checked out 10/5/2011.
I woke up on 10/4 with a bite on my neck but didn't think much of it.
On 10/5, I woke up at 2:30am feeling strange: I looked at my wrists and notived 3 new bites. 2 on my left wrist. One on my right wrist. I looked around my bed and noticed a crawling insect going away. I caught it and identified where the bites were coming from: a bed bug. I later found another on the sheet just about where I was slee

I also later noticed blood stains on the sheets, which are typical of bed bugs...

I didn't find the room very clean and will not stay there again.

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