Drury Inn
3040 S In-41
Terre Haute, IN 47802

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My Sister and I stayed in room 715 on 2/7/14, we had brought our kids to come swimming in the pool for one of their birthday's. My kids and I had fallen asleep when she wakes me up to tell me her daughter found a bug on the bed they were going to be sleeping on. She trapped it in a cup. It appeared to be a bed bug (however we both thought that it was a little old to only see one). We did not stay!!! In the middle of the night we packed the kids in the van. I have out of town family that has st

ayed at this hotel several times, and always thought it was a nice hotel, not any more. My sister took the bug, a picture of it on her phone to the lady at the desk. The Lady apologized and gave my sister a refund, however kept the hold on her credit card, typed up a note saying she had checked out but did not disclose the reason as too why. We placed everything in large trash bags and immediately placed them in the dryer when we got home. I will not be going back to this hotel.

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I've stayed at this hotel many times over the last 10 years. It used to be my favorite hotel-unfortunately lately it seems to be on the decline. Latest example was my 7/24 stay, in room 212. I woke up to find bedbugs! Caught three in a plastic cup, and delivered them to the manager on-duty. He apologized and immediately offered to comp my room. Unfortunately, he didn't have much in the way of suggestions for how I should treat my luggage to avoid spreading them to my own home, other than to offe

r use of a dryer. My only request was that he have he general manager give me a call. I even left my cell phone number. He didn't bother to call. I was interested in hearing specifically how a hotel deals with such an infestation. That would have been his opportunity to reassure me and convince me to ever stay there again. As the situation stands, I have three itchy bites on my ankle, and will not be back- nor will my colleagues. Free drinks and food aren't worth it. The extras aren't extra, but they'll also follow you home!

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I read the previous report and thought "Oh No" We had reservation for 8/2/12. We always stay at the Drury when we visit family in Terre Haute. When we checked in the first thing i did was to check the beds and no sign of any bugs. The hotel was clean and comfortable as always. I hope that "Anonymous" reported the problem that they may have had. But for us it was a good weeked

June 12, 2012

We have stayed in this hotel before, however we noticed this time it was more run-down and dirty than usual. After doing our usual bed bug inspection, we saw a lot of dirt, but did not immediately see any bed bugs. However, after about ten minutes offering in the room, my husband saw a bed bug crawling towards him on the bed sheets. He killed it and verified that it was a bed bug. We immediately left the property, not wanting to stay in a hotel with bed bugs.

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