Comfort Inn Rushville
320 Conrad Harcourt Way
Rushville, IN 46173-1160

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Thank you to all of the people who take time to write reviews. I had a reservation for this hotel for this Friday and since the last reports were in September, and there is no place else to stay in Rushville, I called the hotel to ask if they had treated the hotel. The manager answered the phone and started yelling at me and asking me why I kept calling him and if I did not want to stay in his hotel he would give my room to someone else. When he finally let me explain why I was calling and that

I had not called before, he told me that I could take the word of other people against his if I wanted because he takes care of his property. I am glad I am taking the word of others. I will not stay here and risk needing to treat my home for bedbugs. Also, other people are obviously calling the hotel about this problem since he claimed I had called before.

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On 9/22/2015, I arrived and checked the room and did not see any evidence of bed bugs. While in bed I noticed a bug on the sheet I was covered with. I immediately jumped up to check and found several bed bugs in the bed. I was moved to another room however upon speaking the to manager the next morning it seemed this was not this hotels first experience dealing with bed bug complaints.

Sitting on bed, saw one crawling on the other side of the bed when I was watching TV. I got up immediately and packed up my stuff. Looked around the room, found 2 more crawling on the wall. I slept in the car. Will not return to this motel.

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