The Write Inn
211 N Oak Park Ave
Oak Park, IL 60302-2118

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Found bites after one night in room 306 on Jan 29, 2015. Hotel staff moved us to another room immediately upon learning of this (30 Jan) and removed room from being used until an investigation could be conducted. Manager kindly offered one night's stay complementary, and as bites continued to appear on subsequent nights (in room 332) also refunded 1/2 of a second night's stay. I cannot say if the the second room is infested since bed bug bites can appear over several days. We were also offered a

reduced price on our next stay. We hope to use it and find it bed bug free in the future. Two people in our family of three were affected on face, neck, hands, arms. The third person had some bites, but we can't be sure they were bed bugs.

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What made it miserable was they way they handled the bed bugs: I noticed the bites two days after our first night, but thought maybe it was a bug that came in through the window. A day after our departure (a four day stay), was when the bites started showing up on me and my boyfriend (we had parted ways after our stay in Chicago, meaning that our last shared point was the Write Inn). I called the Write Inn to explain that is was obvious that bed bugs were in their hotel, and they responded with

the following: "well, that last few folks who stayed in that room haven't complained"... Well, no shit... It takes a couple of days for the bites to show up! "well, how did you get here? You might have got them on the plane" Does it matter?! Even if we got them before we showed up at the hotel, their hotel, they probably have bed bugs now! "We'll investigate and we'll call you back"... No call.

It's clear to me that this hotel doesn't care if their hotel has bed bugs. Any decent hotel wouldn't try to blame their customers, and they've obviously decided to ignore warning signs.

Between me and my boyfriend, we probably had over 100 bites in total.

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I just reported an incident at this location (Jan 7 2010, room 2000).

I would like to add that the hotel responded proactively to my complaint. The room was closed off immediately and an exterminator came in to treat it. They told me that the exterminator did not see a single bug, but that the room had been nonetheless treated thoroughly.

Room 200

January 7, 2010

I found two bed bug bites on my elbow after staying at this hotel. I did not see the bugs but I can't say that I looked for them. I do not have these bugs at home (hopefully they did not hitch a ride) and I have not stay anywhere else recently so I am positive that I got those bites at this hotel.

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