Comfort Inn & Suites
1555 E Fabyan Pkwy
Geneva, IL

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July 15, 2013

I checked into my room late - took a shower and got into bed later in the evening. Immediately, my legs began to itch uncontrollably. I jumped out of the bed and pulled off the sheets to find the tell-tale signs of bed bugs (blood stains on the mattress cover). I called the front desk and someone from maintenance came immediately to my room. He confirmed the presence of bed bugs, apologizing for the situation. I was moved to another room - which was bug free - but I didn't sle

ep all night. I checked out in the morning and cancelled my subsequent reservations. My room was not comped...
After reading the other posting, I see this is an ongoing problem for this hotel.

see full report...

This hotel has had numerous problems with bed bugs. Several years ago they had to put covers on their mattresses because a large amount of the rooms had bed bugs. Over the years even with the covers they have had many reports of bed bug sightings in the rooms and several of the rooms currently are not being used because there are bugs in them. DO NOT STAY HERE!

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