Hotel Orrington
1710 Orrington Ave
Evanston, IL 60201-3828

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I visited this hotel last week of November 2012. I awoke with a lot of rash over my body. I presumed it was just the detergent but on my my return home I realised the issue was a bed bug infestation. I threw my clothes and luggage in the garbage. I have been on some treatments and am almost recovered. I stay in hotels all over the world 100 nights a year but this was a first for me.

Just returned from Hotel Orrington, arrived 8/20, checked out 8/22, room 501. I wish I had seen the post from the woman on 8/19... Although the hotel was lovely, we found a bed bug on my daughter's stuffed animal while traveling home in the car. Who knows if there are more... Our luggage is now on our front porch, we disrobed and threw clothes directly into the wash. I have been spraying tee-tree oil (read that may help) around the house.. I called to tell the hotel what happened, and asked if t

hey had any advise. The woman at the front desk said "call an exterminator"! NOT the response I was looking for.

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My husband and I were staying at the Hotel Orrington on a business trip. My husband awoke in the early morning to discover a bedbug crawling on his hand. We took the sheets off the bed and searched the mattress, but only actually found the one bedbug. The hotel staff was very apologetic and compensated us for the problem.

5 May 2011
Was up reading in bed when I noticed one tiny bug. Got up to discover almost 100 bugs in the bed and in the other bed in the room. Was asked to walk to another Hilton hotel in the neighborhood-- they did not even offer to escort me at first. Now terrified to an infestation.

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