Motel 6
1601 Oakton St
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

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My husband and I checked into this Motel 6 early September 2012 and about two weeks later, I noticed small bumps on my arms and smears of blood on my sheet in the mornings. So, one night I suddenly woke up only to see two bed bugs crawling on my top sheet. I picked those two bugs up with toilet tissue and flushed them down the toilet. A couple of hours later, I woke up suddenly and saw two more bed bugs; I flushed them down the toilet as well.

We notified the management and Terminex came o

ut, but they missed the eggs that hadn't yet hatched. So at the present, the babies are coming out and biting me during the night. You can't see them until they are full of blood, at which point they turn bright red. I smashed one of them only to see my blood come right out of the little bastard.

The management here is terrible; do not pay your money to stay here!

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