Red Roof Chicago Downers Grove
1113 Butterfield Rd
Downers Grove, IL

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I awoke at 4 am with itching on my face. I have two swollen bites on by face and itching. The first room I had , I left because the door was not lockable . the second room I was moved to, burned my eyes and sinuses from the strong cigarette fumes. Now the third room, bites.

I stayed here two weeks ago and the next day, I had splotches on my skin. I never found the cause.

previously, stayed twice a month ago with no problems.

All smoke free rooms, but many people here smoke.

I checked in at that hotel for one night on 4/2/08. I got room 210, checked the bed upon arrival and it appeared normal, went to bed by 10:30pm and watched tv for a while. I then turned the lights off and continued watching TV in the dark, the room felt really hot even when I tried to reduce the thermostad to 65F (it felt like 80F) so I took my pajamas off and tried to sleep but started to feel some light itching, initially I thought i was because the heat but after an hour trying to sleep the i

ntching got worst then I turned the lights on and got shocked when I saw the bed with around 30 small bugs walking all over. I freaked out and went to thr restroom to shacked myself, came back and called the frontdesk (by that time it was 1:30am) who sent me to another room (149). I took pictures with my camera phone before leaving. I got to the other room and checked the bed thoroughly, after 30 minutes trying to forget the bugs I turned the lights again just to find the same bugs at the bed!!! I ended up not sleeping that night. The assistant manager offered not to charge for the room but that is not what I cared about, I spent a night awake on a business trip, plus all the stress, also I had to isolate my clothes when I got home fearing to carry the bugs to my house, terrible experience and poor caring from the hotel management.

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