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I would like to inform the people that claim to have bites that it takes sometimes up to 3 days for a bite to show and even 5 days in some cases. If you say the first night you woke up there were bites on you it didn't happen in the room you were in. I'm in the bb buisness and I know how these bugs feed and live.

I stayed for 1 night on 19-20 May 2011 in a room on the 5th floor. I first noticed an array of red itchy bumps on my thigh early on the morning of 21st followed by another outbreak on my upper arm. I contacted health care providers who confirmed that the bites were indeed classical in time of presentation, location on my body and pattern of the weals. I contacted the hotel and had to leave a message as their management was in a meeting. When they responded, the customer services representative i

ndicated that they had already had an insect removal company check the room amd assured me that there was "no infestation" in the room. My response was that there may not have been an infestation but all it took was one. I am not traveling regularly, and my spouse has not had any break out which leads me to believe that there really is no other location where I could have come in contact with bed bugs.

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Feb 21-24, 2011. Bed Bugs plain and simple. I experienced several bites...of which I am still recovering from. Hopefully I have taken the appropriate precautions upon returning home to ensure my home does not become infested. I am waiting to hear a response from hotel management.

We've stayed at the W, both City Center and Lakeshore. Have never experienced anything like "Anonymous" described! We found everything to be top notch every time.

We stayed the same weekend (10/22) and have had no problems.

I stayed at the W October 1 for a business trip...WHAT A MISTAKE! The entire experience was awful, and to top it off, the "weird" red welts on my body that I found the first morning of my stay have multiplied since I have returned home! I have had to replace nearly every piece of furniture in my home, replace clothing worth thousands of dollars and wake up routinely scratching and itching...the psychological damage remains despite attempts to eradicate my infestation.

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