Tremont Hotel
100 E Chestnut St
Chicago, IL

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I stayed there for 3 nights mid December 2013. I did NOT have a problem at all! And it was a lovely old hotel!

Arrived July 28, staying until Friday. I checked the bed as I usually do, saw no suspicious signs, but my boyfriend got a bite the first night and I woke up the second night with two bites. When I got up to figure out why I was itching I threw back the cover and saw a bedbug, trapped it, and carried it to the front desk. They were very helpful and changed my room, but I have to admit I'm nervous now. Hopefully they will pay to wash my belongings.

July 16, 2012

My husband and I stayed at the Tremont and we neither saw bed bugs or received any bites. Hopefully they have been taken care of.

I stayed here the week of March 5th 2012 and woke up the second night with multiple bed bug bites on my arms and neck. Yuck.

April 29, 2011.

I had the same experience as the poster above at the Tremont last year. Didn't see any bugs but I woke up with four small itchy welts on my stomach.

Hello. So I didn't know if this counted as a bed bug "encounter," but I stayed at this hotel (which was lovely) and woke up on the second night with about 7 itchy welts on my shoulder (they looked like mosquito bites). I didn't see any bed bugs, but the bites seem consistent with how they are described.

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