The Breakers at Edgewater Beach Retirement
5333 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60640-2531

Found 5 reports:

During Autumn of 2012, the Cinema - a common area on the second floor frequented by many building residents - was closed for several days for treatment by exterminators. Around the time this infestation was discovered, though, bedbug sightings were occurring in apartments on other floors of the building. I know of specific apartments on the 5th and 10th floors that were treated by exterminators during November.

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The bedbugs are probably in all the clothes that they are collecting for the food pantry and clothes closet for the homeless on the main floor. Until they get rid of that they will just keep reinfecting. I have a friend who took his mother out. She is a classy lady who never had bedbugs.

Many of my friends parents live at The Breakers and they state that the New Executive Director has done a good job implementing a routine maintenance plan to keep The Breakers clean for all the seniors who reside there.

The 15th floor of The Breakers of Edgewater Beach is infested with Bed Bugs. They have been trying to treat the bugs for 10 years by Smithereen and Terminex. They keep reappearing in different rooms and on different floors.

No nearby bug reports