Swissotel Chicago
323 E Wacker Dr
Chicago, IL
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My wife and I stayed here recently and the place is outdated with confirmed bed bug sightings. STEER CLEAR! Management can deny it all they want and give the industry standard response. But, there are bed bugs here! Very overpriced dump!

Stayed here one night and shortly after, started seeing signs of bed bugs at home. We're confident that something returned home with us. The process to remove them in the early stages (we appear to be lucky to have noticed early on) has been tedious and caused much anxiety and sleepless nights. The hotel denied responsibility, but also told me there have been other claims in the last several months. We have not been anywhere else and no one else has stayed at our house. All signs of our probl

em point to this hotel. Our exterminator agrees.

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Brought my family down for an Easter weekend downtown. Woke up with six bites on my stomach from bed bugs. spent the rest of the weekend disinfecting and sterilizing all of our clothes and luggage - still praying we didn't bring any of them home with all the luggage and kids stuff we'd brought with us.

I had several bite marks on my legs and arms. I checked the mattress and was sickened to find dozens of bed bugs. I captured several in a glass and took it down to the front desk. The manager did not seem to care at all and I asked to speak to the general manager. He never came, but instead I was able to speak to the hotel manager (I guess the # 2 in charge). He disregarded my bite marks and actually accused me of "planting" the bedbugs that I had captured. He said I was trying to get a fr

ee vacation. I was shocked! Was only there for 1 night and my company, AON paid for the stay, so it was absolutely not a vacation.
Guess I learned my lesson, stay at a no name hotel and get no service.

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I stayed in room 2408 on October 11th-12th, 2011 and after staying there one night noticed about 10-12 bites on each arm. I checked the bed and linens and did not see anything. The next morning I noticed more bites on my arms and looked in the bed and found lots of debris or waste. I put the debris on a piece of tape and showed management the debris and waste. They apologized and had someone take pictures of my arm and the debris and said they would get back with me. Unfortunately, it appea

rs that Chicago is deeply infected with bedbugs and the hotels obviously are not taking it seriously.

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My Fraternity brother Steve stays at this hotel 3 times a week and he likes it a lot. He says that the hotel F#[email protected] ROCKS!!!!!! GO Sigma Pi!!!

I stay at the Swissotel 3 times a week with my lovers and have never experienced any biting of the negative nature. I have taken numerous partners for my regular “nooners” and the only bugs I have ever encountered are the occasional crabs from two people that I obviously did not know very well.

I was staying at Swissotel for a conference. My husband and I were there June 23 thru 29 2010. I do not remember the room number, but it was on an upper floor. After a couple of days my husband noticed that he was getting bites of some sort. Took a while to figure out that is was. We reported this to the front desk, and they immediately gave us a new room, where we had no further problems. They were very nice about it. But it was disturbing to see that such an otherwise lovely hotel had this


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This is a bit dated (happened in JANUARY 2010) but I thought I should call attention to it nevertheless.

I had a company conference there where I stayed in the hotel in late January (have a post on yelp about this and the general bland food under

Anyways, I just wanted to call to attention that it DOES happen. I was itchy after first night and subsequently for a few days upon returning home. I had spent 2 nights at Swisshotel and upon coming home, I stripped down to my b

irthday suit in the garage and left ALL my luggage there, I also immediately dump all my clothes--worn and unworn into the washer. Still, I was itchy for a few days. Luckily I didn't have anything infest the home (I think).

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Swissotel Chicago takes matters such as these very seriously. Moreover, our hotel has a Standard Operating Procedure and a Housekeeping Inspection Training Program in place to ensure our hotel is inspected on a daily basis. When we received this information about the room, we immediately took the room out of order and brought in professional and certified exterminators that dissected the room and certified that there was no insect infestation. Furthermore, there have been a number of guests tha

t have occupied this room after the certified inspection with no adverse effect.

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Stayed in Room 301 on June 15, 2010 and woke up with about 20 bed bug bites. Management claimed to investigate and found nothing, but took about two weeks to get back to me from initially reporting it. Also, the manager I spoke to admitted they don't train staff to look for evidence of bed bugs, and didn't have a program for dealing with reports of bed bugs. Their response was to deny there was a problem.

I stayed there April 2-5, 2009, in room 1601. Came back with probably 30 bites on my left leg, which hurt a lot. Apparently didn't bring them back home, though (at least not any seen yet).

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