Sheffield House
3834 N Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60613-2918

Found 2 reports:

Stayed at Sheffield house, past two nights. Bed bugs lead to large welts on my boyfriend's skin. We reported to the hotel mgt and they gave us another room, with more bed bugs. We saw the bugs first hand.

I am worried sick, checking every website possible to insure that I don't infect my home.

116 117 Our connected the rooms meaning .....came there kind of late around 2 in the morning, was in the bathroom and noticed bugs hanging from the cieling and crawling from under the room next to me ....meaning his bathroom door, I Immediately killled them not knowing at first what they were thinking they where regular bugs from outside I went to sleep maybe a half hr and felt something crawling on me and cut the room light on my surprise there were bugs every were, when I told manag

ment about it, she was telling me that they were bugs from out side and that it was ok ....I wanted my room changed and told me its such and such time and you will have to wait till 8 in the morning I immediatly left ....returning in the morning

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