4900 S Lake Shore Dr
Chicago, IL 60615-3206

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Stayed here in June 2013, was thinking about staying here again until I read these reviews and everything became crystal clear. While I was there my friend noticed bites on my arm that appeared when I was there which we actually still have pictures of, but we did not think too much of it not really having heard of bed bugs before or ever thinking about checking for them. Flash forward to 2-3 months later when I began getting real terrible bites on my legs for a couple of months and could not fig

ure out what they were coming from until one night something fell on me from my ceiling in my bedroom at home I quickly killed it and noticed blood come out of it in which I looked it up to find it was a bed bug! It was then we discovered we had got an infestation of them and did not know how. That trip to Chicago when we stayed at this Ramada when we brought blankets, bags, pillows galore and then brought them back to our home HAD TO BE IT!!!!!! The timeline adds up perfectly and the bites there well thats the first clue! PLEASE DO NOT STAY HERE UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR WHOLE LIFE TURNED UPSIDE DOWN AND TO BE TRAUMITIZED FOR LIFE!!! we had to spend so much $$$$$$ throwing out our things and laundering out stuff and alcoholing the shit out of everything we owned I MEAN EVERYTHING! luckily due to moving and spending a fortune on now having rent, we by the grace of God eradicated the problem ourself and were very meticulous in our move so as to not bring any critters that may have survived our brutal attack with us. I can say that the smell of isopropyl alcohol haunts me to this day and that even if a hotel is not on this registry I still refuse to bring any of my stuff in the hotel and air tight bag any clothes i wear in the hotel and put them directly in a hot wash load when I get home. This f**kin hotel owes me so much money and has caused so much terrible shit this year. Bugs dropping on you and running away from you after feeding when you wake in the middle of the night???? Try to get those visions out of your mind. Do yourself a favor and do not stay at here and make sure noone u know does either!

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I was bitten by bedbugs at this hotel. I checked out the same day and had to throw my stuff away. I was getting ready to sleep at night, the moment I turned the lights on, I see at least two bugs crawling around me, I went to let the management know, they changed my room but it was too suspicious, I left at midnight! This happened 10/05/2013!

Bitten a number of times by bedbugs while staying at the Ramada (Hyde Park-Chicago) 9/28/13-9/30/13.

Our son stayed at the Ramada Lakeshore before moving into the University of Chicago dorms. He was bitten a number of times, complained at the desk--at the same time another person was also complaining about bedbugs in his room. They gave him the bums rush, demanded that he show them a bedbug in the room, and refused to refund his money--although he moved out a day early because of the bedbugs. We will never stay at another Ramada. Very poor quality motel--his microwave also did not work and

the drains were partially plugged.

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Stayed there 9/17/2011 while moving my daughter into the University of Chicago. Checked for bed bugs before retiring but didn't see signs. When I woke up there were 3 on my pillow then we found many on both beds, along with blood streaks showing we'd been bitten. To their credit, the Ramada refunded our entire cost, but it sure put a damper on the trip and we had to replace some of my daughter's items for fear of transferring the bugs to her dorm.

Quality Assurance - Ramada Chicago on 3/31/2011

We take any guest complaint very seriously, especially when it relates to our guests' well being. Once we learned of any concerns, we immediately contact a nationally recognized pest control expert to conduct a thorough examination of the guestroom. Our inspection for these cases mentioned here failed to find any trace of bed bugs. We want to exceed our guests’ expectations, and it is our goal for each of our guests to enjoy a safe, clea

n and comfortable environment in our hotel.

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I am glad I checked this registry....I thought about using this place for my wedding reception and sleeping rooms for guest...yuck...no thanks

Upon arrival I inspected the room first before moving anything into the room. I found 1 bed bug climbing around in the sheets. I took it to the front desk and checked it out immediately! The front desk denied having any problems but stated that they did exterminate as a precaution. YEAH RIGHT.

Saturday 10/23/2010 to Sunday 10/24/2010

My family was in town for the weekend, and I was bitten about 14 times in this period, we found larvae/young bug on my father's back.

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