Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel
163 E Walton St
Chicago, IL 60611-7114

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I stayed here on Saturday the 25th of January. On The following Sunday when I got home, I started itching uncontrollably. I was miserable for about 4 days and when the hives and rash got unbearable, I finally went to the doctor on the following Thursday. I received two skin biopsies on my back, and I just received the results moments ago. It is now 1/16/13 and the biopsy results showed bug bites. DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL!!!!! It has been a brutal couple of weeks for me, and I am still itc

hing like crazy on parts of my body. I stayed in room 1132. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!

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I went to this hotel in April 2011, no bed bugs, very clean, excellent service. Linens were impeccable.

July 2011 - Loved the hotel, no bedbugs for us.

Stayed at the Knickerbocker from Nov.16, 17th.......saw a live, small, apple seed size bug crawling across fresh, white linen...My friend and I took the insect down to management...and she insisted it was not a bedbug.......It appeared to be a bed bug to us! we were moved to another room but felt uneasy.....beware.....Hotel management dos not want to admit there appears to be a bed bug problem....we were six ladies, in 3 rooms...My friend and I decided not to tell the other ladies in our gro

up otherwise it would ruin their stay too. we told them we changed rooms due to a broken lock on the door......My "gut" instinct? although the Knickerbocker is a lovely Hotel, there is a bedbug problem.

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Love hotel. no bedbugs.

We checked in on September 24th for a 3 night stay. I immediately checked the mattress by removing all bedding from one corner. Mattress appeared clean but when glancing down between the mattress and the headboard I saw what appeared to be black specs on the bed skirt. When I chose to investigate more closely, as to why it was dirty, I pushed the mattress away and pulled on the skirt and was SHOCKED to see 3 bed bugs scurry! I was totally freaked out called down to front desk and they sent house

keeping manager who stood outside our door arguing that it was impossible, he refused to believe his hotel had bed bugs until I showed him the bugs, which were still there when I returned to show him. The hotel handled this incident with complete denial and considering the present rise in bed bugs in Chicago, it was most dissappointing. They acted as if they had never heard of bed bugs nor heard that a suburb of chicago was hosting a bed bug industry show, this exact weekend. When asked if they had any plan in place to protect their hotel from bed bugs they could not provide any information, they were not being proactive for looking for them. I wouldn't stay here again until the hotel would provide their action plan as to maintaining a bed bug free hotel.

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no description

I stayed at the Knickerbocker on Wed. Sept. 22. On Friday, I noticed bug bites on my stomach and ankle. They were in the characteristic bed bug pattern (3 or more bites in a "trail"-like pattern). I called the hotel on Sunday and they said they haven't had any incidents with bed bugs and that they check the rooms regularly. They said they'd check the specific room where I was staying and call me back. It's been three days and they haven't called back. Since coming home I haven't gotten any

more bites. No one else in my family has either, so I can only assume I got the bites at the hotel.

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