Lawrence House
1020 W Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-5018

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Dry Steam Heat..kills bedbugs AND their eggs. Geez...don't you folk ever Google and research these things??? I knew about this THREE YEARS AGO. I laugh when I go on these forums and read about people's bedbug complaints. Clean your home, do not leave clutter around (bedbugs LOVE clutter and messy people). Bedbugs are nocturnal. They come out and 'get you' at night. So use your Conair Dry Steamer at night to zap their asses. At 1020 W Lawrence, I suspect that there are LOTS of 'dirty' (for la

ck of a better word) people who live in those rooms, so you will have roaches AND bedbugs in the building. Take your shoes off when you come into your studio apt. Don't track the outside, in. INVEST in a good vacuum cleaner. There are vacuums under $100. The dry steam thing that steams the wrinkles out your clothes only cost like $40 in Walmart (made by Conair). Remember, CJ (that's me) gave you these

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renting an apartment with only hardwood floors is not going to save you from bed bugs they can hide in the walls, outlets and everywhere.

moved in on february 2010 6 months later we had bedbugs, told maintenance but all they have is cockroach spray & powder moved to a different floor on 3.1.2011 taking the necessary precautions(clothes drying everything) not to bring anything with us, even bought a new bed! 2 months later we had them back. do yourself a big favor and rent an apt with nothing but hardwood floors

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