Intercontinental Chicago, Chicago
505 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611-3801
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This bed bug incident happened at their 5300 N. River Road in Rosemont, IL location.
This hotel has bed bugs!!! I just stayed there with my family for 2 nights. The first morning I woke up with horrible bed bug bites all over my feet and legs.

I told the concierge that they had bed bugs and showed them my bites, and one of them said to me, my family, and the other staff member, "That could very well be, because a few weeks ago, another guest complained that he got bit by bedbugs as well.

" Then just 1 min later, the other staff member said, " I have never heard anything about bed bugs in this hotel before, Mam, but I will move you to another room." That really disappointed us. How naive and deaf did they think we were? First they tell us that there HAS BEEN an incident there recently, then they tell us that they haven't heard of anything like this happening in their hotel before. What? Please do yourself a favor and cross reference this hotel with bed bugs, and you will see how many complaints there have been recently. DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL! All they did was give us 2 complimentary breakfast buffet tickets to shut us up. The food isn't even good there at all and it is a big ripoff.

If they want to have a good rep again, they need to shut down the building for a day or two and remove these bed bugs. I know we will not stay there again. I just hope and pray we didn't travel back home with these bedbugs in our suitcases.

My husband and I have stayed at many fancy hotels, but this is the very first one that we have had a problem with.

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went to conference 6/13-16 woke up on 6/17 with red welts on torso and back. Terrible itching. MD confirmed c/w bed bug bites. Now just trying to make sure I don't get them at home! no response yet from hotel no other trips or exposures

My partner returned from Chicago after having spent one evening at the Intercontinental Hotel (10/3/11) in Rm. 3101. A few days later, his upper body, torso, neck and head were covered in small bites. The delayed appearance of bites was consistent with bedbug bites. Our doctor later confirmed the diagnosis. A message was left with the Intercontinental via their website but no one has responded.

Stayed for a week in January 2011. Woke up early during stay to find red bite marks over my lower extremities. Marks worsened and I finally sought help from the University of Chicago Hospital. The doctor immediately diagnosed a severe case of bed bugs. I took photos in case hotel management did not believe me. I was pregnant at the time and the doctor was concerned about my condition enough to call the manager on duty and fax her report to the hotel strongly suggesting a room change immediately.

Hotel management did change my room and clean every article of mine including luggage, but they totally denied that they were in any way responsible and suggested the bugs were on my luggage when I checked in. I am very loyal to IHG hotels, but am searching for a new Chicago hotel for my upcoming 2 week stay in September as I take umbrage by the hotel management's disregard for being responsible for the problem.

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I have dealt with InterContinental Hotels' executive office before regarding bed bugs in one of their other hotels. This response is typical. They say that they brought someone to inspect the room and then deny that any bed bugs were found. In my case, I had photographs of the bites on my body which I sent to intercontinental and they still refused to admit that there is a problem.

It would behoove the hotel chain to acknowledge the problem when it exists and not treat its clientele as if

they are either crazy or liars.

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This happened the week of December 7.
I woke up with red marks on my legs but they didn't look that bad. When I returned home that evening, I had at least 20 very red bites on each leg. An MD confirmed that they were bed bug bites. Hotel denies any infestation in the room. I know I was bit by bed bugs despite what they say.

InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile Management response to “anonymous” posting dated 10/26/10.

In an effort to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests in regard to this matter the hotel has in place a proactive program to limit the possibility of such an occurrence.

1.Our hotel staff is trained in all protocols used to detect the presence of bedbugs.
2.We have a standing contract with a third party pest control company which allows for the routine inspection of all o

f our guestrooms on a rotating basis.
3.Additionally, we employ a canine detection company that specializes in this field to do routine inspections of the property.

Any/all reports of potential bedbug issues are thoroughly investigated.

Upon receiving this particular report we placed the room out of service and brought our contract pest control service in to inspect the room.

No evidence of any type of insect/pest was found.

The room was treated as a precautionary measure and placed back in service with no such complaints filed since the reported issue.

Please contact the hotel’s executive office if you have any further concerns.

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A visiting executive from our London office stayed at the Intercontinental last night (26 October) while visiting Chicago. The biting was severe enough it woke him up. Not a good visit! Would not have expected bedbugs with this chain but goes to show they don't discriminate...