Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites Downtown Chicago, Chicago
506 West Harrison Street, Chicago, Il
Chicago, IL

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Me and another four girls stayed in room 435 after an awesome girls night of fun for a bachelorette party. The soon to be bride and the four slept in a room with two beds and a sofa bed. The service was great and the room appeared very clean. We got to our room after 2am and woke up around 11. one of the girls noticed rash looking bumps after taking a shower. she thought maybe she had an allergic reaction to the soap. We checked out at noon and after a late breakfast went home. Later our entire

group noticed the same type of red bumps mostly in the arms & legs. Our poor bride got the worse of it and her wedding is in less then weak. :(. We were extremely disappointed to find that a location so close to downtown would have a bed bug infestation. Still in shock!

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