Hilton Suites Chicago Magnificent Mile
198 E Delaware Pl
Chicago, IL 60611

Found 2 reports:

No bedbugs- clean hotel.
Checked in 3/18/12- nice hotel.

I checked in to the Hilton Suites on March 31st 2011. I was given a room on the 25th floor. I always check the entire room bed, baseboards, furniture and closet before removing my luggage from the bathtub. I travel alot and have found bedbugs in 4 different hotels over the past 12 months. After searching the beds I started to search the closet where i noticed 2 very small bedbugs on the baseboard molding. I scraped them into a cup and tok them to the front desk where is was informed by a man

ager that she could neither confirm or deny whether or not they were in fact bedbugs. She did offer to provide any drycleaning services that we might incure due to the issue (interisting). I was offered another room but chose to leave the hotel. The manager told me that she would have their pest control providor inspect the room and follow up with me as to the findings. She did call me the following day to inform me "the pest control professionals and the chief of engineering for the hotel searched the room and found no evidence of bedbugs". I responded that "we both know what I found in that room and showed you in the cup" I was informed that they did treat the room for "pests" as a precaution. I assure you what i found were bedbugs likely 1st stage nymph's meaning they most likely hatched in this room and were not just left the night before.

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