Congress Plaza Hotel
520 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL

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I stayed on the fourth floor of the north tower of the Congress in December, 2012. I have stayed in this hotel many times before and always enjoyed my stay and had no bugs. And this time I did not get any bites, nor did my husband. However, the first night when I went into the bathroom, there were two bugs crawling on the floor. I just killed them and threw them in the garbage, thinking it was strange because I had never seen that type of bug before. Then I got into bed, put my hand under the pi

llow and encountered some kind of grit. The bed seemed very clean and nicely made up, but when I picked up the pillow, there was flakes of something black under it. It almost looked like tea leaves, pepper, or shreds of herbs. It was strange, but I thought maybe someone had put lavender in the pillow. Silly me! Later I saw pictures of bed bugs online and realized that the bugs in our room were indeed bed bugs, and the lint under my pillow was probably from bed bugs, too. Creepy. As I said, we were not bitten and have not, evidently, brought them home with us; but this experience definitely "creeped me out" and made me all the more cautious about the hotels I stay in. A thorough examination of every room is needed when you first go in.

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I too have stayed in this hotel a number of times with absolutely no bed bug issues. One time (2010) seven of us stayed there for several days (in four separate rooms spread out around the hotel)- not a single bite between us!

I have stayed at the Congress Plaza Hotel on numerous occassions since 2006. I have NEVER seen a bed bug or returned with bites. I have stayed in various rooms, from small to large, old to renovated. All clean and bug free.

I had planned to stay at the hotel over Labor Day Weekend (9/11), but when I went into the room, I immediately check the bed. The first corner I came to, I found a small bed bug crawling along the corner of the mattress. We immediately checked out.

I could tell though that the bed was new. It was a platform bed with new mattress. Obviously, they've still got problems.

Just glad we didn't stay.

I was at a conference in Chicago and I booked a room at the Congress Plaza hotel online. Little did I know that the worker's union is on strike at the hotel and have reported a major bed bug infestation. That's exactly what happened to me when I stayed there. I had over 50 bites on my arms, legs and back. It was an awful experience!

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