411 Holiday Ave
Dalton, GA

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While getting ready for bed about 9:00 pm, I looked up on there'll above my bed and saw a bug on the wall. I took a piece of paper off the night stand and put the bug on the paper. I then googled bed bugs and confirmed that it was in fact. A bed bug. I notified the front desk and the attendant came up to my room. Of course she could not or would not positively confirm it was bed bug but told me repeatedly how the hotel is sprayed for bed bugs. I put the live bed bug in a plastic bag a

nd gave it to the attendant. She assured me that she would give it to the pest control company and manager. We were moved to another room, but my confidence in this motel is forever shaken. I won't be retuning.

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I stayed at the Courtyard Marriott in Dalton, GA for one night on October 11, 2012. I was relaxing in bed that night, watching tv in the dark. I looked over to my right and saw a bug crawling on the edge of the bed. I jumped up and turned on the bedside lamp. I then noticed that this bug was red with a flat back. I was not sure if it was a bedbug at first because it was larger than I would have thought a bed bug to be. However, after googling bed bugs and viewing photos, I discovered that

the it was an adult bed bug, which are large enough to see (about a millimeter in diameter). I killed the bed bug and reported the incident to the hotel. But it was already midnight, and my colleague was here at the hotel with me, so I settled with being moved to another room and praying that I would not encounter another bedbug. I immediately checked the bed and the mattress with the light from my cellphone before turning on the lights. I didn't see anything; but, bein already freaked out, I slept on top of the sheets, with the lights on, and fully clothed.

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