Days Inn College Park, Airport Best Road
4505 Best Rd
College Park, GA 30337-5107

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Checked in on 9/12/12 around 10:30pm, room wasn't bad. Dumpsters out in front of our room, didn't think nothing of it. Got up next morning with a few bumps on my back thought nothing about it. Wasn't itchy at all. Checked out and noticed later in the day that I had bites on my arms, hands and back. Called hotel to report that I was bitten by bed bugs, and asked if they had this problem before, front desk person told me that they through out a mattress but not from my room. It's been 2 weeks and

I'm still itchy and scarred up hopefully I can get them taking care of. Looks nasty, they refunded me my money back plus paid my ER visit, but could've been avoiding.

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Checked in about 11:30 PM. on August 5, 2012. Room was not very clean. We had asked about bedbugs when making reservation and was told they had a problem a while ago but the exterminators were in and it was all cleaned up. In the morning we found bedbugs running all over the bed. Got the desk person to come to the room and verify that they were there. The manager refunded the cost of the room. Believe my wife was bitten several times and she is still getting more itches showing up four dsays la


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