Westin Atlanta Airport
4736 Best Rd
Atlanta, GA 30337

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I booked three rooms at the Westin (10/23-10/26) for a family gathering. At first, we enjoyed the hotel and its accommodations. However, on Saturday as we were planning our daily activities, I observed a brownish bug near my four year old. After killing the bug, placing it in a plastic bag it was confirmed (via Google) that it was definitely a bed bug. Yuck!!! And my cousin in another room showed bite marks all over her chest area. The manager on duty offered us another room (why would we ta

ke it when two rooms obviously had bugs). We put all of personal items in huge plastic bags and checked out early. It was told to me that they were unsure whether I would be refunded my money since I used an online site to book our room. On the following Monday, I waited for someone from the hotel to contact me to discuss the situation and I heard from no one. I made telephone calls to several managers and later contacted hotwire who was able to speak to someone from the hotel. They finally reimbursed me for my last night. This was a disappointing experience!!!! I travel at least five times a year and its making me rethink my vacation plans. Who wants to take bugs back to their home....

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May 9, 2013

No bedbugs on the tenth floor.

I missed my connecting flight from Atlanta to Tampa and my company booked me at the Westin Atlanta Airport hotel. I did my usual bedbug inspection and did not see any indication of bedbugs. I sealed my suitcases in plastic trash bags and my cell phone in a ziplock bag, just in case.

I spoke with an airline crew who stays at the hotel regularly has never had an issue. Air crews stay in this hotel every night due to the flight schedule, an

d none of the crews have ever mentioned a bedbug issue.

The next time I am in Atlanta, I hope I can stay at this Westin.

I consult for companies and I am in hotels about 200 nights per year. I was told by my lovely and beautiful bride that she will kill me if I bring bedbugs home. I do a thorough bedbug inspection with a Swiss Army Knife magnifying glass and LED Maglight before I bring my suitcases into the room. This room was pristine and I hope when you travel to Atlanta you also enjoy this hotel.

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We stayed at the Westin due to a missed connection at the Atlanta Airport. We had three rooms all on the third floor. The room I was in, 320 reeked of smoke and when I turned on the light a bug crawled into the cracked where the headboards meet. My co worker called me into her room, 323 to check for bed bugs. There was evidence of bed bugs on her bed and pillow as well as the sheets had not been changed from previous guest (hair in bed and smeared makeup on the pillow cases). We requested r

oom changes and it was granted. The new rooms appeared to be okay. This hotel does not meet the quality that you expect from the Westin. The bed linens were stained and burn holes in them and appeared bed linens had not been changed. A Huge Disappointment.

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We stayed at this hotel 8/25/12 on the third floor. Unfortunatly we didnt check the registry before our stay. This was the only traveling we've done in the past 4 months and we traveled by car. We just moved the luggage that we had and bed bug was in it. We know have to treat our entire home. Our stay was pleasant but our unwelcome hitchhiker would make me resonsider staying here. I wish I would have looked at the registy before we booked.

7/1/12 - Room 818 - supposedly one of the hotel's allergy free rooms. Would not want to sleep in a regular room

I woke up on the morning of 7/1/12 with confirmed bed bug bites on my stomach.

Was necessary to quarantine and treat luggage, send clothes to dry cleaners, etc.

This has always been a good hotel in the past, but their standards of upkeep have gone severely downhill in the past few months.

I had to go through four rooms to find one that was clean and didn't smell of dead ci

garette smoke.

That unfortunately was the one infested with bed bugs. Yikes!

Needless to say I will never stay there again.

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