Sheraton Gateway Hotel Atlanta Airport
1900 Sullivan Rd
Atlanta, GA

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This hotel is gross and has bugs.
Do not stay here!!!

Checked in 2013 and walked in room and first it had a order and checked bed and it had bedbugs I got the housekeeper in the hall and went down stairs I told the front desk clerk who promptly changed me rooms and floors - I checked this whole room and no bedbugs but did not sleep at all that night I sat in the chair with legs up on dresser never let the luggage on the floor either.

I don't stay at any Sheraton's anymore because of this. Their Corporate office really needs to have an inspecto

r for all their hotels on this.

The front desk seemed to be aware they have issues but are placing a band aid over the problem.

see full report...

We had an unexpected stay in Atlanta on Sept 15, 2012 due to airline delays. We were in room 1017 - a Starwood Preferred Guest room. This hotel was recommended by Airtran. My husband has about a dozen bits. I used a different bed and was not bitten.

After an unexpected overnight stay in Atlanta thanks to Airtran, not only was this hotel a total pile of shit, but I have bed bug bites on both feet and my arm. AVOID this hotel!

Found a bed bug on my sheets this morning. 3/8/2012 ,Reported it.. front desk manger asked me if it was a ladybug. and no, it wasn't a ladybug.

found a bug on my pillow.... only one, but it was enough to make change my room.
october 24, 2011

Big bite. Didn't know what it was at the time.

Wish I did.

Thanks to that damn hotel.

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