Sheraton Atlanta Hotel
165 Courtland St Ne
Atlanta, GA

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I have stayed at this hotel in the past 2 months and saw no problems at all with the room or linens.

I travel for a living and have stayed in more than 500 differnt hotels for more than 3000 nights over the past 14 years. Not once have I ever been a victim of Bed Bugs.

With any hotel you stay at before sleeping in the bed, check the mattress and boxspring for signs of the critters. If you see them, photograph the area and report it to management immediately. When you get home from a tr

ip, immediately empty your suitcases and wash the clothes in a sanitary cycle. Place the suitcases outside of your home to air out for at least 24 hours. Spray your shoes with Lysol disinfectant and check all other items that cannot be washed.

This hotel has gone through a major renovation over the past year and the results are great, clean and well taken care of.

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This is a great site! Wish I had run across it before this happened: Stayed at the Sheraton in downtown Atlanta in April '10 for a volleyball tournament. In short order, I woke up with a rash all over an arm. Quickly discovered that I am allergic to bed bugs. They were all over the wall behind the bed! When I told the manager on duty, they checked the room (I guess they did not believe me) and moved me to a suite. It was great since we had 4 people in our room. Hotel did a nice job, but

I would not stay here since I do not think I would get any sleep.

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