Savannah Suites Pine Street
140 Pine St Ne
Atlanta, GA 30308-3413

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Came to hotel oct 31 st by novemer 4 i litetally pulled a bed bug off me. Always feel like something crawling on me im scratching after a hot shower.The room was sloppily renovated...toilet water leaks on floor.I complained about the room and got cussed out and was threatened to be thrown out. Housekeeping is lousy and they got mad when i asked for toiletries.This hotel discriminating against certain people and the location is awful because the worst homeless shelter in ATLANTA is right next doo

r so there's a bunch of homeless people in front and walking around the hotel. Needless to say cant get any sleep with police always speeding around with sirens on loud homeless people and pest....

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This is the third time i stayed n this hotel.
The first time there was mold in the closet,bathroom and half of the room.
The second time the wasnt clean and had signs thatbsomeone was doing drugs in the room and my child was picking up some of the stuff,
The third time which i thought was fleas told my husband to tell the office since i couldnt as i was at work come to find out it was bed bugs.
All those times the only thing the did was move i have bite marks all over m

y body. My arms,legs,butt,neck,face. Thankfully my child didnt get bit. How often do they actually check and treat this rooms? Every two weeks she said. But not then and only then they dont know unless another customer comes in.and complain.

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I was in this hotel from 13 to 19 of october 2013. I went back home with many bites on my skin. I had to go to emergency to got a treatment. I saw one cockroach in the bathroom the first night, I killed it, then I saw what I thought was a small cockroach again in the bathroom 2 days later. I understand now seeing pictures on the internet that it was a bed bug, not a cockroach, and it was what bite me about twenty time during the last day. I started scratch my skin in the return flight and stoppe

d only when the doctor gave me cortisone medication. Now it fades away slowly.
I whashed all my clothes at 60°C and I hope I bring none with me to my home.

This hotel is one block next to a homeless shelter, some of them spending some night in the hotel, probably came with bedbugs on their clothes in the room.
No money to change my room nor my hotel, next time I will be very suspicious of such hotel.

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I didnt know what out was on my arm at first. But after reading several websites and referring back to my arm, I'm certain it was bed bug bites. I visited another friend in another room and actually SAW one. I thought it was a mighty weird looking bug that reacted strangely when I swayed at it. I remember what out looked like and low and behold it matched the photos online. Ewwwww..... Now I'm utterly disgusted and appalled. I'm overly concerned now of anything that crawls. With put without win


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