Renaissance Waverly Hotel
2450 Galleria Pky Se
Atlanta, GA 30339

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I stayed at this hotel and woke up with bites on my arm. They assured me it was not bed bugs. The bell hop told my coworker he found a bug on my luggage sitting in the lobby, but when I asked him about it, he denied it. Afterwards, I received additional similar bites. I went to the doctor, since I was told by the hotel it was not bedbugs, to ask what I was dealing with. They were not sure. I kept waking up with bites until approximately a month later saw an actual bed bug in my bed. Since then m

y life has been miserable, I have spent tons of money to fix this issue and can no longer sleep. They hung up on me when I called to report it.

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I stayed here over 4th of July weekend. I stayed on the 11th floor. I think in room 1122. I didn't see any bed bugs there, BUT I usually unpack my suit cases late and it's a good thing because at the bottom of my suit case was a bed bug. It was oblong in shape and had the reddish brown color. To be 100 percent sure I picked it up using clear tape and compared it to tons of pictures on the internet. Yep, it was indeed a bed bug. I am not sure if there were any other stow aways.


I wanted to provide an update. I continue to stay at this location on a monthly basis. I have NEVER SEEN OR FOUND a bedbug in any of the rooms I have been assigned. As a matter of routine, I always check regardless of the hotel brand or location when I'm on the road. Just wanted to reassure that the Renaissance Waverly is still clean as a whistle.

I stay at this Renaissance Waverly about once every 3-4 weeks. I do a complete inspection with flashlight, lifting matresses and looking behind the headboard and in the tables, chairs, etc as soon as I get my room assignment. In other words - I am very paranoid about searching for bedbugs! I have NEVER seen even a hint of a bedbug at this location. Not to say that I don't check.

Found bugs crawling across beds and headboards about 1 am, alerted manager and after verifying was moved to another room on another floor. However our belongings had to remain until exterminator came 2 days later. The staff cleaned the necessary clothes that were needed for that time free of charge and were very accomodating. Happened last January and we will be staying there again this January without much worry.