JW Marriott Hotel Buckhead Atlanta
3300 Lenox Rd Ne
Atlanta, GA 30326-1333

Found 4 reports:

I stayed 2 night, April 8th-10th, 2015. Stayed in Room 739. I had bedbug bites all over my body. I didn't notice until I got home. I wrote to the hotel and got no response. I didn't see any at home, but had an exterminator come to treat my bedroom, just in case I brought them home. The initial bites are still itching, a month later! Hopefully I'm not getting new ones, but it's hard to tell because I had so many!

Stayed on 19th floor, 7/28/14. Had back soreness and used a king pillow to support leg. Bitten over 100x on left leg from knee cap to groin.
Called JWM, asked to speak to Manager. I was informed she as busy, they offered to take my name and number and call be back. They asked what I was calling about, I shared that it was bedbugs on the 19th floor. NO CALL BACK, surprise!

We stayed in the hotel in May of 2011 and my friends had bites all over their arms and neck.

Stayed at the JW Marriott Hotel Buckhead Atlanta on Monday, Oct. 4, 2010. Was bitten dozens of times all over my torso and neck.