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One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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I stayed in Room 836 6/23 & 6/24/14. After taking off my socks on the evening of 6/24 I noted multiple itchy bumps on my ankles and feet. I assumed that they were mosquito bites. After looking into it a bit more I noticed the patterns were that of Bed Bug bites. My suspicions became reality the next day when I had even more. My research indicates that bites a appear 12-24 hours after they happened. Today on 6/26/14 my legs and feet below the knee are covered in bites. I called the Hotel a

nd talked to Dj or Vijay a manager there. He was defensive and noted that they will not close the room based on my recommendation alone. He suggested that I see a doctor. Fortunately I discovered the problem before arriving at my home and have taken all of the precautions that are recommended. I like the Hilton brand and have never had any issues before. Just want to get the information out there.

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Stayed on Sunday March 18 in room 2114. Woke to use restroom and found one bite on my right arm, but wasn't sure if it was bed bugs. The next day by mid-morning, several more bites appeared on both legs and the same arm. My wife also had a few bites on her shoulders. From past experience with bed bugs, my bites turn to rashes that weep and that has started happening with these bites.

In reference to the Anonymous report on 4/12/11 - When the guest reported the issue, we immediately moved the guest to another hotel at our cost as a precaution for the guest and our hotel. We were sold out and did not have any availability in-house to move the guest to a new room on property. The room was immediately taken out of inventory when the guest reported the issue. The next day, room 2829 was inspected by Ecolab, a professional pest elimination company. They confirmed there was no e

vidence of bed bugs in the room.

Hilton Atlanta Management

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On 4/8/2011 I stayed in room 2829, executive floor. I pulled back the sheets and saw bed bug dropping and bugs near the foot of the bed.

The manager refunded my entire stay and payed for another room at the HGI a few miles down the road.

In response to the report submitted by "Anonymous" on 4/12/2010: In the case referred to in the report, within 48 hours of the complaint filing with the hotel, the room was determined by an outside lab that it was not contaminated. The guest was also informed of the findings. The management of Hilton Atlanta takes the issue of bed bugs very seriously as the safety and comfort of our guests is our top priority. Hilton Atlanta employs a comprehensive detection program which maintains the highes

t levels of vigilance. Our housekeeping and maintenance departments collaborate with outside specialists to perform regularly scheduled inspections. In the unlikely and unusual event a guest suspects a problem, the guest is relocated, the area in question is isolated to determine whether a problem exists and, if warranted, the situation immediately remedied.

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