Hilton Atlanta Airport
1031 Virginia Ave
Atlanta, GA

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I don't remember the exact dates, but it would have been around the 28th of December. We had to stay at the airport hilton because my brother and I could not fly into Argentina with our passports because they were going to expire in less than six months. We had to spend two nights in the airport in order to get a new passport and to catch the next flight. It was about 12:30 at night when I pulled back the sheets of the bed. I saw a little bug and immediately grabbed it in a kleenex and put it in

a plastic cup. My brother and I proceeded to strip the beds and found another little bug. I looked up bed bugs online (and found the reports on this site) and so my brother took ones of the bugs down to the front desk. A "bed bug specialist" aka the security guard came up to look at our little friends. So they moved us down the hall-we left a note under our parents' door telling them that we had changed rooms. We didn't say why. Thank god that we didn't-I wasn't aware of my father's fear of bed bugs. I told my mother about it at the starbucks outside of the passport place. She closed her eyes, sighed, and said "Let me tell your father." What happened after that, I'm not sure. I think that at least my room was comped. I know my dad went down there to have a talk with them. To this day, I'm not sure what happened. I should probably ask. At least my brother and I only opened our suitcases for a second to grab pjs and our toothbrushes or else there would be more to this story. The only issue I had was that the staff didn't seem to be too surprised. Awkward.

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In response to the report submitted by "Jay" on 8/15/2010: In the case referred to in the report, immediately after being informed by guest of the complaint, the room was inspected by both trained in house staff and by an outside lab. The findings were that the room was not contaminated. The guest was also informed of the findings. The management of Hilton Atlanta Airport takes the issue of bed bugs very seriously as the safety and comfort of our guests is our top priority. Hilton Atlanta Airpo

rt employs a comprehensive detection program which maintains the highest levels of vigilance. Our housekeeping and maintenance departments collaborate with outside specialists to perform regularly scheduled inspections. In the unlikely and unusual event a guest suspects a problem, the guest is relocated, the area in question is isolated to determine whether a problem exists and, if warranted, the situation immediately remedied.

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I stayed at the Hilton Atlanta Airport on 7/5/2010 to 7/10/2010 in Room 1614. On 7/7/10, I found bug bites on my hand, arms, feet and legs. I told my colleague about the bug bite who stayed in another hotel during the trip. The skin lesions and severe itch were the major clinical signs. I used Cortaid (1% Hydrocortisone Antiitch Cream)for over two weeks and it did not work. I then went to see a dermatologist and the Dr. made a difinative diagnosis of bedbug bite based on the history and characte

ristic pair bites. He also showed the characteristic bedbug bites to his three associates. During the visit, the Dr's nurse asked me to call the hotel so that a proper fumigation can be done. I called the hotel and spoke to one staff/supervisor who was courteous and apologized for my experience. He said that management would call me back the next morning. It did not happen. I called again and was able to speak to the site general manager after repeated demanding. Two days later, the general manager called ma back and denied that his hote has bedbugs. He did not want to share the investigation report either. finally, he indicated that bedbug travels with customers.

Lessons learnt:
- Check bedbug status before booking a hotel.
- Check the bed, mattress, spring box, head/foot board, etc for any sign of bedbug before you carry your baggages to the room. No report of bedbug in a hotel does not mean no bedbug in the hotel.
- when you find bites or itch in the morning, check your bed and furniture carefully to find bedbug. After blood meal, the bug size is much bigger and it is easier to find them.
- Report to hotel managemenet immediately with evidence.

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