Glenn Hotel
110 Marietta St Nw
Atlanta, GA 30303-2703

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After my first night there, I woke up with a few red spots on my arm. By mid-day they itched like mosquito bites. The next morning, I woke up with a lot more. There are about 28 in total.
Management inspected the room (with me) and didn't see any traces of them. However, something was eating me up at night. My roommate had no issues in his bed.
We switched rooms and had no further issues.
Management was polite, helpful, and immediately attentive and addressed the situation in

the best way that I think they could.
I'm hesitant to write this report as I would hate for it to hurt their business in any way. They are very friendly and helpful and I think this is a fantastic hotel.
However, it has now been a week and my arms, neck, and shoulder are so incredibly itchy, this is TERRIBLE. I never knew that it would be this bad. I thought they would be like mosquito bites and itch for a couple days and go away but this is SO much worse that I would hate for anyone else to have to go through this.

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I checked in on May 14, 2012 to the hotel and found what appeared to be a few small black "dots" around the mattress in the room. I reported it to the front desk. At my request, the hotel front desk person looked at the mattress, was not certain what the black dots were, said he did not believe they were bed bugs but would have his hotel staff check it out more thoroughly, and moved me to another room. A few days later, I had six or seven beg bug bites, burning and itching, in a circular pa

ttern around my right arm. I believe I encountered them at this hotel in the original room I was assigned to. I reported it to the hotel, they claimed they had not known of this, and said they would address it. They are on notice in case they claim there have been no reports of bedbugs at this hotel when you ask.

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