Georgian Terrace Hotel
659 Peachtree St Ne
Atlanta, GA 30308-1928

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My two friends and I stayed in a two-bedroom suite at the Georgian Terrace Hotel on Peachtree Street in Atlanta (across the street from The Fox Theatre) on the night of 12/11/2015. Upon waking the next morning, my friend and I noticed a bug crawling across one of the pillows on our bed. Unfortunately, we did not check the beds before we went to sleep as has been our practice when staying in hotels. This was about the 4th time in the last 14 months or so that we've stayed at this hotel and never

encountered any bedbugs before. My friend sustained many bites, but I did not. I reported the incident to the front desk upon checkout and noted this incident in my review on Upon arriving home, I had apparently brought some of the bloodsuckers with me because my husband started being bitten alive by them. At first, we thought he had an allergic rash on his arms from medication he had started taking. Well, weeks later, after I began being bitten by these nasty critters, we discovered a number of them in our bed. Upon calling Terminix to eradicate the buggers, we learned that it would cost over $2,000 to treat our house and would entail a lot more work than this disabled woman could handle to prepare for the treatment. My husband has been spraying our mattress and box springs; we have laundered all bedding; and even set off a bug bomb in the bedroom. With all that, we are still not sure if we have killed them all. I will never stay at the Georgian Terrace Hotel again!! And I just can't stop itching every time I think of those nasty little buggers!!!

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Stayed there in March 2013. Didn't notice the bites on my leg until the next day. Wish I had checked this site in advance.

I stayed at the Georgian Terrace Hotel late March 2012 with two of my friends. One of my friends found several bites along the bottom of her leg; she stated that they weren't there before our stay, and by the time we found out, we were already back home in our hometown.

I do agree that the hotel is beautiful and clean, but that does not decrease the incidences of bed bug infestations. Unfortunately, we did not do a thorough check of the room, nor dis we check this website for bed bug reports

. Looks can be deceiving.

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On 7-7-12 we stayed in a lovely 2 bedroom suite. I fell asleep w our child in the second bdrm and my husband slept in the master. He woke me up in a panic and showed me the many, many bed bugs that had come out to chomp on him while he slept along w his blood marks on the sheet.
I called the front desk and they sent someone up. While he was very apologetic, I don't believe he knew how to handle it. He mentioned calling housekeeping twice (what can house keeping do?). Again, they were very kin

d and concerned, but especially after reading the previous post, I don't know that they know how to deal w these things.
And by they way, threw all of our things away including our luggage. Nothing entered our home, but I'm still anxious.

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We found evidence of bed bugs. When checking the mattress, we folded up a seam and found fecal spots. We asked for another room on another floor and were transferred. However, when I asked what their policy/procedure is for bed bugs, the person said he didn't know because they had never had that problem. Not a good sign. Every hotel has or will have that problem. They have to have a procedure to effectively deal with it.