Embassy Suites Hotel Atlanta at Centennial Olympic Park
267 Marietta St Nw
Atlanta, GA 30313-1626

Found 4 reports:

We filing bed bugs in our bed

I stayed at this hotel one night and happen to see a bug run accross the white sheets. When I squashed it, it bursted full of MY BLOOD !
I further investigated and found a few more also
full of blood. Embassy Suites put me up at the
Hilton accross the street that night & picked up my bill. But needless to say what a horrific experience for my & my family !!!

Had bites on me after sleeping one night. Also saw egg casings inside my sheets.

I stayed in this hotel for 4 nights, when I got back home to Los Angeles, I realized that I had bed bug bites all over my hands, arms, feet, and back...be careful when staying at this hotel