Days Inn Atlanta Marietta
4502 Circle 75 Pky Se
Atlanta, GA 30339

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I booked the hotel 10/1-10/8 due to a flood at my condo. However the hotel was under construction not clean and had bugs in the room I was moved to after the first room was infiltrated by stinkbugs due to a new a/c not insulated or sealed completely. I should have known when the sheets were dirty it was going to be a problem. I had my grandson with me we got sheets from the front desk and stripped the bed but the mattress pad was filthy. So I removed it. The mattress looked as if it had been tak

en from the trash. Fungus stains just awful. So I sprayed it and we began getting bitten immediately. Bugs came out from everywhere on the bed. I called my mom to pick up the baby and immediately began wiping him down with alcohol and peroxide to get him ready. I went to the front desk and told her I was leaving. They really tried to charge me for that night despite leaving and booking at another hotel. DON'T STAY HERE! IT'S DIRTY AND YOU'LL END UP WITH BITES!! THEY WILL LIE AND TRY TO STEEL YOUR MONEY! I left 10/3 DUE TO MATTRESS ATTACK and mgr.tried to charge me anyway that's theft. I had cleaned my room when i checked in and next day. I moved my own fridge. This is not a location for immune compromised people or clean people or kids or elderly really anyone. I have lupus and was scared! They know they have bed bugs, fleas, lice and don't care! BEWARE!!

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We stayed in this hotel on night of 6/29/13. There were 7 people in our group and we had 2 adjoining rooms (375 & 377). We all woke up in the morning with itching and welts. Some of us more than others. The person who was bit the most had hundreds of bites on her legs, arms, shoulders, and back. In the morning, we checked the beds and there were several small bugs, and what looked like bug "casing" under the sheets. We did try to address the situation with the hotel staff and the clerk told us

we should have applied bug screen before going to bed.

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