Comfort Suites Vero Beach
I-95 & Sr 60, S.e. Quad
Vero Beach, FL 32966

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March 12 2014 room 9050 Americana Way, Vero Beach, Fla
Room 317
Close to midnight, watching tv, bed bugs appeared on our pillow and started walking on our clothes. We crushed 3 of them and that left bloody spots along with the crushed bugs on the white sheets.
We immediately rushed to pack and were out of the room within 4 minutes. The front desk seemed to know what to do and she said they wouldn't charge us for the night. We then drove 3 hours to home.
We returned on March 14 to pick up

a cable we forgot was plugged in at the room and spoke to a man behind the counter. He said they just changed the sheets and re-rented the room the next day!!! He said they did not have bedbugs in that hotel and if there were any in the room, we must have brought them in!!! Complete nonsense!!

This hotel did not make any effort to clean up the infestation in the room and carelessly rented the room again, totally ignoring the fact that there indeed were bed bugs in the hotel.
The man, manager I presume, at the desk was rude and accused us of bringing bugs in and then did nothing to clean it up. This is simply unacceptable and exacerbates the main problem, the increasing spread of these pests.

Regardless of whether this was a bedbug, a bat bug or other pest, bugs crawled on us, were visibly dead on the sheets and were full of blood and the room should have been fumigated before renting it out again.
This is unconscionable and completely unacceptable in hotel chain management and I will never use the Comfort chain again.
I still have a new suitcase in plastic bags until I figure out how to clean it or dispose of it. All other items were laundered in hot water and heat dried for an hour to clean them.

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