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on 4/1/2015 and 4/2/2015 i was in room 146 and on both days seen bed bugs in our room. on the 1st day i had housekeeping change the sheets not knowing what it was. then after seeing pictures of them online when i seen them the next day and reported it to the front desk. they gave us a new room and a refund for 2 nights. i never seen them treat the room. i would not recommend staying at this hotel!!!

Stayed at this location on 3/10/15. Woke up at 4 AM with large welts on my neck and one on my arm. Stayed in room 116. Be ware!!!

I writing this to warn travelers of this hotel and to use precaution. I stayed at that hotel the beginning of this year for four nights. That was the first hotel where by I was being on the cheap side (trying to budget) and it was a mistake. If I knew about beg bug registry, it would have save me the trauma. Now when traveling I do a lot research and inspecting. Also, I learned my lesson to not use a lottery system when booking a hotel. If it's based on ratings and location but not the name of

the hotel and address, save your self the headache and loosing money. I didn't know this was my hotel until after I purchased it (the site I chose to keep confidential but it's well known). There were many red flags on that trip but I will address three. The first red flag was the furniture in the lobby and in the room I stayed didn't look up to date expect the bathroom. I am not sure when the last time that hotel has been renovated and I am also not sure why I blew it off. The second red flag was the following morning when in the process of going out I saw a brown bug crawling on my jacket that I left on the bed last night. Immediately, I knew it was a bed bug but it didn't dawn on me until later in afternoon when I wanted to take a nap. I called the housekeeping to change all the linens on the mattress. They didn't stripped the bed but changed the top sheets. Of course, I still didn't feel comfortable so I did my own inspection after they left. Ta-da! I found them bunched on the curtains of the mattress. I freaked out and ripped all the linens of the bed then I called housekeeping AGAIN. They checked the headboard and saw that I was not making things up. One of the housekeepers strongly suggested that they pay for my laundry expenses. The third red flag is that the staff moved me to the room next door. Why? I am not sure but since I never experienced bed bugs before I am sure they probably thought what do I know. I slept on a metal framing rubber seat recliner chair the remainder of my stay there. I guess I didn't out trick the bed bugs because they got to me anyway. Until this day I still don't know how. I left the heat on when I left out the room, at night I put slippery lotion on and dressed with long clothing. I probably was still appetizing regardless. even with the lights on sleeping near the desk. Numerous showers and I still itched. They looked and felt like pimples on my skin. The bites left marks on my skin which has faded over time. I addressed my case to the hotel and site that I purchased from. The site put it on record and the hotel gave me a free night for my next visit. I will never stay there again and it's not only because of my surprised visitors. Only my pictures are a remainder of my mistake.

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Woke up and they were crawling around. We left within minutes! Ick! 9/15/13

Woke up in the middle of the night & saw a bug crawling next to me in bed. I immediately jumped out of bed & began studying this insect. I then pondered if this in fact was a bed bug, seeing as this would be my first encounter with one. I then pulled the covers back on the other bed, and low and behold, a bug identical to the one that was in bed with me was on this bed. I immediately took both bugs out of the beds and put them on the night stand, where I then smashed them. After, I googled bed b

ugs & indeed the photos that popped up matched the bugs that I had just smushed. This all took place at around 12:45am on Friday, December 16, 2011. I'm still awake & now can't go back to sleep.. ewwwwwwww!!!!!

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