Holiday Inn Hotel Suites North I 10
2714 Graves Rd
Tallahassee, FL 32303-2829

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first off, the name of this hotel at this address is days inn, not holiday inn. i booked a room for 1 night. had my dog with me. motel booked me near the rear of the complex (maybe because of the dog). room was dirty but in the middle of the night, i turned on the light to use the restroom and when i returned to my bed, i noticed dots on the bed/sheets. when i looked closer, i had been sleeping with numerous bed bugs. all on the bed and on the underside of my pillows. took pics too & stil

l have them. went to the front desk immediately to report it. night attendant asked do i want another room? i said i do not. i said i'm just going to leave, which i did (around 3:30a). i asked not to be charged and i was never charged. this occurred 4/1/11.

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