Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort Panama City Beach Hotel
11127 West Hwy 98
Panama City Beach, FL 32407

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July 9-13th. We stayed in a room with 4 bunk beds and a regular sized bed. I slept on a bunk bed. I noticed on the way home that I had huge welt-like bumps all over my right arm and down my legs. They itch like crazy. Pretty sure they are bedbug bites. They defintely aren't sand flea bites. I've stayed here a few other times and had not had problems until now. Really hope I didn't transport any back home with me. How disgusting!
I have not yet contacted the hotel regarding this but I think I w

ill call and have them check out that particular room. I wish I would have realized the bites before I left so I could have checked the bed.

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Just stayed at this hotel April 24-29th,2014. Checked the bedding, linens, room for bedbugs, didn't see any. Never was bitten while there. Got home and unpacked luggage, put all clothing away. We have been home a week now and found 2 adult bed bugs crawling on top of of linen that was placed on top of empty luggage. NEVER had bedbugs before!!!

Been there the last two years no problems with bed bugs but empty beer cans and tequilla bottle in a drawer.

I have stayed at this location for 5-6 days at a time, for the last 4 years. I have NEVER had a problem with bedbugs. I am sorry for the person that did. I beleive it was a one-time incident.

My husband and I stayed here in June, 2010. The morning after our first night's stay, I noticed a whelp on my forehead. Did not think much about it because we had used sunscreen, and I thought it could be a pimple. We both noticed a few tiny bumps over the next few days. On the day we were to leave, my husband woke up screaming about bugs crawling on him. We turned over the covers and found two "tick-looking" bugs on the sheets. We killed these and I realized they were bed bugs. Then we took all

of the sheets off and turned over the mattress. We found about a dozen bugs, which I caught in a cup and took to management. I was basically told WE brought them with us, which we absolutely did not.

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