Universals Hard Rock Hotel
5800 Universal Blvd
Orlando, FL

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They know they have them and when confronted they denied it all. Ruined our once in a life time trip.

BEWARE. We stayed at the Hard Rock the first week of September, 2013. We stayed on the first floor. My son complained of a few bites on his ankles while we were there, but we thought maybe a bug had bitten him in the park. Three weeks later at home, our son woke up with his face and neck absolutely attacked with bites. They are so swollen and look so awful and are so itchy he had to go on steroids. The pest control company is charging $1600 to get rid of them in our home. Universal'

s Hard Rock knows damn good and well that they have bed bugs based on previous reviews. they ought to be ashamed of themselves. Don't stay here!!

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Just returned one week ago from a four night stay at the Hard Rock. We didn't notice bites at the hotel, but three days afterward once we were home we started getting bitten. We haven't taken any other trips, so the bites must come from bedbugs we took home from the Hard Rock.

Bed bugs!! Paid $241.00 total to stay a night and bed bugs came home in suitcase. Now we are looking at between $1,650 - approx. $3,500 plus to get rid of them in our home!! Husband has been bitten, I've been bitten and child now has bites.

My husband and I booked a room for a week at the Hard Rock.

During the first night, both of us received multiple bites. Upon investigating the mattress, we discovered blood stains and bedbugs in the creases of the mattress.

We called the front desk and they couldn't care less. They were arrogant, dismissive and in denial mode, insisting that their hotel is bed bug free.

After a long argument with staff and their management, they refunded our stay and we went elsewhere. The only reason

they relented is that my husband was loud in his arguing and was drawing other patron's attention.

Obviously, this put us in a bad frame of mind for a while. Never again. This place is rundown and has bed bugs.

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