Residence Inn Orlando International Drive
7975 Canada Ave
Orlando, FL 32819

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I woke up after the first night stay on 3/4/14 and had three bites on my arm that itched like crazy ! I initially thought they might be flea bites but every day I woke up, there would be more bites on my other arm. We left on 3/9/14 and by that time, I had several & I think I brought them home with me cause now I have over 20 and went to the dr. today due to now they are welting - probably due to itching them so much ! Had to be put on a steroid and a histamine. These Have bites on my legs, f

ace, neck, & buttock. I've read about bed bugs but never thought I would have to experience it first hand. I will be giving the hotel a call in hopes that they will fix the problem so other people don't have to go through this.

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I stayed at this hotel from 4/13/2011 to 4/17/2011, it's now 4/19/2011, and I have insect bites all over. I did not notice an bugs on me while out and about, so i'm inclined to think it was beg bugs, but cannot confirm.

I wish I saw this report before I went there, or at least before I came back because I'm concerned that I may have introduced them to my home. I hope not!

Be careful!

Hi - Here in Orlando for volleyball tournament. Woke up with a bug on my husband - bites seen on arms. Daughter's bed also had bug found with bites. Complained to management and they did come in and vaccum and change bedding. Not sure if that was really enough. Another teammate woke in another room with bites on leg and management sent in a company to their room? We definitely will not be staying here next year!