Orlando Sunshine Resort I and II
5473 Del Verde Way
Orlando, FL

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Major bed bug infestation!! My in laws got 3 condos. My whole family is covered in bites! My four year old daughter had an allergic reaction to the bites, ruining our day at sea world! I myself am broke out in gives from the initial irritation & now anxiety about them! As if we needed more proof, our sheets were covered in both blood & secretion!!!! The office didn't have anything to say about if when brought to their attention!!!! We still have all of our luggage outside here in Colorado to f

reeze them out. Bringing everything in on individual bags for cleaning to protect our home!!! Horrible experience!!!!!!! Totally disquieting too!!!
November 21st - 28 th (Thanksgiving included) 2014
P.S. Our toilet was clogged when we arrived. They said that housekeeping is closed in the evening so sorry about the mess. Had to use our towels to clean the mess!! All kinds of little issues like that too! Boo for Green & Blue!!👎👎

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